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At Prospect Vision, we are all about providing our clients a customized solution that is ideal for their needs. As a result, we offer a variety of products and services, and a range of contact frequency.

We know expenses are important to dealers, so we keep our costs low, allowing us to offer the lowest prices in the industry.

Regardless of which solution and contact frequency you choose, every client receives:
   A fully cleansed equity marketing database that has been created through our intensive, proprietary database construction process. This is all we do, so we have learned the pitfalls and problems with dealership data. We hear over and over that no one knows how to create and maintain a good clean customer database better than Prospect Vision.
   Dedicated Account Reps who reach out to every dealership every month and develop customized campaigns based on the dealership's current inventory needs (what vehicles need to sell and what vehicles need to acquire for pre-owned department) and manufacturer incentives.
   Access to our library of over 70 highly effective campaigns.
   Highly targeted communications to specific groups of in-equity and in-market prospects. Our campaigns are small and targeted, with each customer receiving a personalized offer, resulting in extremely high closing ratios and low cost per sale.
   Access to the dealership's customer database, with the ability to conduct queries, review specific customer info, and review management reports 24/7.
Multiple Touch Points
At Prospect Vision, we offer comprehensive customer communications, reaching out to your in market prospects via direct mail, e-mail, phone, and even while they are on the service drive.
Direct Mail
   Direct mail still remains the most cost effective means to reach a targeted group of customers
   Variable image printing
   Thick, high quality paper and envelope
   First class postage ensuring speedy, reliable delivery
   National Change of Address (NCOA), CASS Certification, returned mail updates and other cleansing ensuring high deliverability rates
   E-mail provides the lowest cost means of targeting specific customers, and in conjunction with direct mail, provides a one-two punch
   Same high quality creative and personalized offer to each customer
   Comply with all necessary opt-out features and regulations
   Hot links to dealership website and manager e-mail addresses
   Usually sent a week or two after the mail, providing a second "burst" of energy
   Summary report showing e-mails sent, delivered, opened, etc, Provides additional follow-up leads for the sales team
   With each campaign, we provide an easy to use manifest list allowing dealership personnel to set appointments
   Campaigns are small and targeted, so making phone calls is manageable
   Provide phone scripts for each campaign
   Allows dealership personnel to sell new vehicles to customers while they are in the service department at nearly no incremental expense
   IDs customers in a position to purchase or lease a new or pre-owned vehicle, taking away all the guess work
   All the information you need to have an informed conversation
   Provide training, scripts and share best practices based on successes from other dealerships
   Some dealerships selling 30+ incremental vehicles per month
Digital Audience Targeting
   Advertise to your existing customers while they are surfing the web on their phone, tablet or computer.
   Through the use of IP address and cookies, and an innovative new "matching" process, we can find your customers online. This is not retargeting to people who have visited your website, but rather taking your offline customer list and "finding" your customers on-line.
   Provides a new, extremely low cost means to communicate with your customer base.
   Click through rates over double industry averages as the offers are highly targeted and the customers know the ad is from a trusted establishment with whom they already do business.
We conquest non customers as well … two different ways.

By comparing your repair orders with your sold customer database, we determine customers who are servicing their vehicle with you but did not purchase from you, and then we provide them a series of customized campaigns.

In addition, we can now access lists of consumers who live within a given radius of your dealership and are driving the brands you sell, but who purchased and service elsewhere. We acquire the VIN, so we can value their vehicle and implement our kind of highly personalized marketing. A great way to grow your business and increase market share.

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The Prospect Vision solution is developed on the Microsoft .NET platform using Visual Studio and SQL Server.
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